In order to provide you with the highest quality translations we have used our experience to establish a series of in-house quality assurance procedures. Our use of state-of-the-art translation tools makes the translation process highly efficient and guarantees consistent use of terminology.

Based on an assessment of technical content and terminology, we will assign the appropriate translator to your document. We operate on the native speaker translator principle by which translators render texts only into their mother tongue. We consider this to be a key element in ensuring the best possible quality in the final translation. We encourage an open dialogue with both the client and the translator if any questions should arise. Finally, the translation is carefully revised and correctly formatted before delivery.

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Quality assurance in 6 Steps



Comprendo has access to an extensive network of highly qualified interpreters with both general language skills and expertise in many specialised fields.

For conference interpreting we assign only professional and accredited simultaneous or consecutive interpreters with extensive experience from assignments in Norway and overseas.

We guarantee that booths and simultaneous interpreting equipment meet the requirements set out in the ISO standards 2603 and 4043.



The Achilles Joint Qualification System is a register of offshore suppliers and service providers to the Norwegian and Danish offshore industries. Based on its validated quality assurance system, conforming to international standards, Comprendo is pre-qualified as a language service provider to the offshore sector.